Saturday, November 5, 2011

I saw this lady walking out of work with boxes yesterday. It concerned me. Had she been let go? ...then I realized that the boxes were empty...she was walking out with empty boxes. I walked by her cubicle later, and I saw that her stuff was still there. She has all of these weird little plastic skulls in her cubicle. I was glad the skulls were still there.

She's pretty quiet at oddball, some say. Some say she's downright taciturn or angry...or evil. Well, maybe they don't say that she's evil, but people's minds probably do go there and think that...given the fact that she's so quiet...and that she's got all the skulls and all in her cubicle...they probably think she's sitting in her cubicle casting spells on people between her other administrative duties.

She takes breaks at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm...and these are the same times when us smokers start to filter out and gather at the facility's designated smoking area. The plastic skull girl doesn't smoke. She just takes little walks.

By now you've probably figured out that I have a crush on her.

She's thirty. I'm forty. I've asked around, and apparently, I am the one who has talked to her the most out of anybody...with the exception of her immediate supervisor (muscle car mustang driving southern belle with sass...I'm sure their lunches together would be fascinating to witness). Plastic skull girl has long brown hair and blue eyes and she's thin. She wears glasses and normal looking clothes. Pants, never dresses.

There have been times when I have walked right by her, and I have said hello to her, and she didn't say a goddam thing...didn't even look at me.

One time I was talking to her, and I was shocked to learn how many siblings she has.

One time I walked up to her at a company ice cream social and started talking to her, and she walked away.

One time I was mindin my biz, walkin into the building after lunch, without looking up, and she called me over to a picnic table to rap with her about 'work' and 'life' stuff.

Recently, I sort of received a 'promotion,' and she came to where I was sitting and kind of paced around and looked at me and said stuff and fooled around...and then she walked off.

One time we both skipped this all-staff meeting (separately) and we ran into each other in the empty halls and we were roaming the halls (together)...we went back to her cubicle, and she gave me a couple of Jolly Ranchers.

Sometimes, she just don't want to talk to nobody. I don't know if she's got a boyfriend or if she even likes boys, our few conversations never quite reached that subject. I'm 10 years older than her.

Weird, huh? Why would I possibly be sitting here having a crush on her...and writing a blog post about her?

Because I'm stupid.


  1. Rythm and Rhyme Pork for All: From what I could catch, was my favorite bit of the box.

    Candy Skull Girl
    Is your heart blue
    like your eyes
    Do you Hear me speak
    Or just like the sound of my voice
    Like a brunette ghost
    you come and go as you please
    but I don't mind
    Haunt my cubicle, haunt my conversations
    Or maybe I'm the spirit
    hollow-shelled and cold energy
    10 years thin difference
    What does that matter
    To a Candy Skull Girl?

  2. She sounds like an ex of mine, it's not her, but she wouldn't talk to anyone either... when I got to the part about your promotion, I thought "what would that mean to my ex?" I think that was her way of saying congratulations... or don't fire me... depending on the promotion and the circumstances unspoken

    She sounds shy, not evil or selfish or anything like that.

    I couldn't get much off the box. :( I wish I could see more.

  3. Yeah, she's really shy I think. She's moving soon, right, and I offered my help (via email), and she hasn't said no yet...and she even sent me a little smiley face. Pretty cool. Even if she just wants to be friends. Friends are what I need, actually, ha.

    Yeah, I sat there and just did a freewrite on that big box. Freewrites are a great activity: Just start with a cleared mind and write everything that comes to mind without stopping, even if it makes no sense, just don't stop...if you absolutely do have to stop, pick up with the last letter you wrote - start your next word with it...keep going like that...even if you're just writing random words and not sentences. You can then use that as a first draft and work some subsequent drafts up into a poem maybe. (Or just take it and wheatpaste it somewhere, ha.) This is an actual technique with a history to it: