Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I started scratching the following out in my little work notebook at work yesterday (I was worried somebody would walk up to me and look at what I was writing, ha):

I was born. My awareness arose. I'm here among the other humans. Other humans have created all kinds of stuff: laws, governments, technology...some of it is great, some of it sucks.

I have a right to be here, a right to be aware, and right to be joyful. No matter what the rest of the humans say or think or do. Really it's beyond 'rights.' It's beyond the concept of 'rights.'

I am simply here.

I got this far and then something came up. I yanked this out of the notebook and folded it up and stuck it in my pocket. For some 'reason.'

Proceeding from here, I might say:

Everybody else is simply here too. We all felt the need to figure out systems to bring about some kind of order. These systems are naturally flawed. (They're a goddam good try, but they're flawed.) Some of the systems have been taken beyond...or outside the boundaries of... what is reasonable or just or wise or....(words beginning to fail here)...we've built all this stuff up, but we've left behind a lot of important wisdom...forgotten it, ignored it, couldn't fit it in...couldn't fit it in because of the character that our systems were taking....or something.

The institutions and systems are games. Games are games. If you don't play the games, everybody points at you and laughs and throws dirt clogs at you...and they put really hot balm in your jock strap so that your nuts really burn when you put it on...or they come up behind you and yank your pants down.

I guess you have to play the game as best as you can (or the best you care to. But inside there's a calm 'you' that is connected to all the other confused mother huggers out there.

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