Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm trusting my 'mind' less and less so that I can trust it more and more. I'm trying to step back as many magnifications as I can...and still be close enough to able to play at this life game...I gotta play the life game some...I don't want to be sitting homeless in rags...I have to play at being 'this guy who works and knows folks and does stuff.'

If my life is a movie, though, I want to step way way back from the screen, further back than the back of the theater, back behind the projector room even...not quite out in the parking lot...maybe in the manager's office...maybe in the janitor's closet. Or something.

These negative emotions that get on me: fear, depression, anger...they're like a burning blanket I have to throw off of me. I just have to recognize them as feelings that will come and go...they'll go if I let them go.

There's an intense creativity that comes when you are really Seeing...I mean capital 'S' Seeing.

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