Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! whomever might happen by... if ya celebrate it!

I was too worried about about work stuff to take days and days off to travel to see my sisters in other states...but...luckily a friend of mine invited me to his family's Thanksgiving throwdown. "Bring a pie," he said.

Feeling pretty good. Wow, I got on a real self-help kick there, posting all kinds of stuff about gettin my mind right and gettin my mentals right. Snappin back from collapses quickly, my friend(s)!

I need a new 'project' ...maybe I'll start back up on a previous project I let go...there are many. MANY. I have an old blog that I let go (reasons complicated). I posted on that blog for nine years off and on. I locked it down, deleted many posts, opened it back up, locked it down, deleted now it's pretty lean and mean. I want to create an 'art book'...or artsy/craftsy kind of book that I bind myself...I got all the writings I need. Nine years worth of wacky blog posts riveted together, industrial strength, distributed guerilla style.

1 comment:

  1. definitely try creating a book from your writings. it's an incredible sense of accomplishment once you finish. even an exorcism to an old life, self. I did this myself, gathered 6 years worth of writing from a previous artsite i had, and incorporated correspondence letters. I self published on lulu. it's very easy to navigate if you are looking for a site that would be useful for this purpose.